Our responsibility

Empower couples to make the right decisions

  • Are we a perfect match?

We enjoy as many wedding programs that fit the health safety and journalism scope as we usually conduct.

Furthermore, we do favor working with couples who spend time articulating their requirements of wedding journalism and articulate the visual preference. In this sense, we vet photography projects, take a handful of it and fill our schedules with meaningful clients relationship.

Requirements may look like: the hours you need, numbers of personnel in charge, wether albums are necessary, etc. And as frequently asked, we do not currently extend any videography service.

We believe the effective vendor-client relationship is the success factor of our photography projects.

  • Event Duration

The coverage duration must include leeways where the scenario of events being late due to reasons beyond our control (e.g., speech getting longer, makeup artist and hairdresser started late, family members weren’t on time for photos). We don’t rush our creativity as well we do not extend service beyond the agreed coverage duration. Any extension must be consoled before the event.

  • Communication Channels

You will receive a set of emails along the way.

Serendipitous messaging through WhatsApp exists to keep you updated on the project milestones, for us to extract project requirements from you, and for you to input new information.