Our responsibility

Empower couples to make the right decisions

  • Are we a perfect match?

We are photographers who value diversity and inclusion – it means that we do not base our service on a handful characteristics of events only. We enjoy as many wedding programs that fit the safety and project work scope as we usually carry.

However, we do favor working with clients who spend time articulating their needs in the above form and not just wrote, “will get married at venue X in date Y. Need your pricelist asap.” The detailed version, including the complete requirements you need within photography coverage, is indispensable and how we vet photography projects into the yearly schedule. We only take in 10 wedding/solemnisation events per year and the rest for preweddings and family sessions.

Requirements may look like: hours you need, numbers of personnel, any printables you need, etc. And as frequently asked, we do not currently extend any videography service.

We believe the effective vendor-client relationship is the factor we are solvent – this was apparent when the client is also making sure to promptly follow the house policies and meet expectations when we are obliged to perform the scope.

  • Event Duration

The package duration you choose must include leeways where the scenario of events being late due to reasons beyond our control (e.g., speech getting longer, makeup artist and hairdresser started late, family members weren’t on time for photos). Couples have to include them as a consideration while choosing a package from us. As a premium vendor, we don’t rush our creativity as well we will not extend service beyond the agreed package, and we must have consoled couples before the event.

At any point in the day of event you wish to extend, yet we are unavailable due to scenarios beyond our control (e.g., booked by other couples way ahead of time), it is not our responsibility as a vendor to volunteer providing more time. You must have figured and explored the probable scenarios for your wedding events and not changing your photography package composition to mitigate these changes.

  • Communication Channels

You will receive an invoice, agreements, and a set of emails along the way if you book with us. These written correspondence are tools we used to deliver your items on time and as requested and it is also the basis of reference for all of your project items.

Serendipitous messaging only exists to keep you updated on the project milestones, for us to extract project requirements from you, and for you to input new information. We especially do not use our communication channels (WhatsApp / emails / or phone calls) to expand or reduce the work scope agreed upon at the beginning of the project. The need to change project scope once it is agreed upon will not be honoured unless there are reasonable circumstances that do not allow the project scope to happen (Force Majeure). We offer virtual meeting to discuss alternative solutions contingent on adjustment of your event and walk you through our already simple processes.We only facilitate virtual meetings, first in the booking process and second, during vendors’ meetings. At the moment, we do not provide face to face pre-wedding meetings with the packages entailed.

  • Project Timelines

You will receive your photo proofs in 2 weeks for delivery in general and the full resolution edited photos in 4 weeks. We automate the delivery of your digital items and you can heed to these timelines for reference.