We are always amazed by how two people could complement each other emotionally, intellectually and mentally.

And every time we think about it, it goes rather unexplainable.

It seems like universe always hits the right spot and destine two hearts even from different countries to be together if they are meant to be.

Aditya met Natasha in Sydney. During their first phase, they have gone through ups and downs together. Deciding to get married to solidify their devotion to each other feels just right.

We are so honored to be involved in their religious ceremony in Jakarta and party celebration with closed friends in Ayana Bali.

Natasha has a gleaming intuitive vibe and is a very soft spoken lady. While Aditya is a gentle young man that attends to his better half and very involved in preparing the wedding.

Thank you for your trust to the team, Natasha & Aditya! May this story serve as the reminder of good memories!

Photography by Ken Ridwan

Film by Antijitters Photo

Organized by @sml_event | Make up by @marlenehariman | Venue by @ayanaresort | Dress by Dewangga