• The appointment is reserved when the Client has placed and shared proof of 50% deposit fee made to one of the following banking channels:
    • PayNow UEN 5344****M
    • OCBC 60178852**** ANTIJITTERS PHOTO
  • The deposit fee will be subtracted from the total cost of the entire package. All Package fees are as stated at the time of reservation and will remain once an appointment is confirmed.
  • A maximum of 50% final payment is required 30 days before the working day. The lateness due to fees will affect the duration of presence of Antijitters Photo on the working day and the length of files delivery to the Client, until full payment has been fully paid to Antijitters Photo.
  • Antijitters Photo reserves the right to give the date to other clients minus 50% deposit fee from the Client.

Ancillary fees

  • All rates do not include accommodation and meals when traveling outside Singapore if applicable. The Client will provide flights, ground transfers, and various daily costs outside Singapore throughout the stay on a complimentary basis.
  • All rates do not include service fees for photography props, studio, or anything else that will be needed for the shoot, which is not stated in the quotation. The Client and Photographer will mutually decide the fees based on the requirements of the appointment.
  • Material changes to the requirements for the appointment before and/or during a shoot may increase ancillary fees.

Conduct of the Shoot

  • The work will occur on the date(s) mutually agreed upon between the Client and Photographer (the "working date").
  • During the shoot, the Photographer will take account of the Client's reasonable instructions; in respect of the shooting requirements.

Acceptance & Delivery

  • Following the completion of the shoot, the Photographer will deliver the digital files to the Client 1 month after the shooting date in the agreed format. Urgent turnaround for less than 1 month is not guaranteed.
  • When there are physical objects as part of the scope of work, the Photographer will arrange goods delivery to the Client's designated venue in Singapore free of charge.

Service Rights

  • No formal service appointment will be granted before the Client makes a transfer for a booking fee upon the agreed package and scope of work.
  • Provided that the Client has paid all invoices relating to the appointment, the Photographer grants the Client worldwide unlimited photography usage rights.
  • All image Usage Licences granted by the Photographer to the Client shall be exclusive to the Client and not other third parties unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Nothing shall prevent the Photographer from using the images, in any form worldwide, to promote their services only.

Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is confirmed, if it is canceled, a cancellation fee may apply according to the following terms:

  • If the Client cancels a confirmed shoot 30 days before the shooting date and doesn't want to reschedule, 50% of the deposit will be returned to the Client.
  • If the Client cancels a confirmed shoot less than 30 days before the shooting date and doesn't want to reschedule, the deposit received will be forfeited. In this situation, the full deposit can be gifted as a photoshoot voucher to others and/or the Client for a different date if the Photographer is available. The voucher's scope of work remains the same.

Last Updated: May 15, 2023