Hello, In this opportunity,  and as we launch the wedding story of  Harun & Mira at The Dharmawangsa,

We’d like to introduce you our, Ken!

Punctual, enthusiastic on starting his day, and always trying his best to capture moments in the flattering way,

The friendly, Sundanese guy full of witty jokes that has been with us for over a year is now official as our in house associate photographer.

Together and over the time, you’ll get to see wedding stories by Meutia and By Ken. You will have a closer look about Ken’s work since you’ve been familiar with Meutia’s takes since the beginning.

This year is special and upon many queries that found we are unavailable,

we have found a good way to be able to cater your wedding queries and connect with those who are in love with our work.

When people are asking what’s the difference between Meutia and Ken,

we can’t help to answer that we are very much alike in terms of photographic style.

I hope you won’t hesitate to make Ken as your special events’ photographer be it engagement and wedding day!

At the same time, we’d love to extend our gratitude to Harun & Mira for the trust you guys gave to us from Siraman to reception in Bali (which we’ll reveal as well in no time!).

We hope this story bring back great memories!

And if you find Ken’s work speak to you, don’t hesitate to be in touch and follow Ken’s Instagram !


Meutia Ananda


psst: You can’t see Ken cracking jokes when he is on the job, but find him the warmest and witty when you chat with him