meutia and fon


unique blend of perspectives to envision the lives full of meanings

Meutia studied political science and business administration and has been mixing the joy of working in sustainability consulting with wedding photography. Fon doubled her industrial engineering and technical education majors and supported Meutia in aligning couples' vision to the brand in daily activities, and vice versa. Meutia is Indonesia-born, and Fon is Thailand-born Singaporean. Meutia will be the lead wedding and pre-wedding photographer based in Singapore.

The more we traveled and solved business problems, the more we knew that, eventually, people returned to their loved ones to give their lives well-deserved meanings. People express their feelings, committing, sharing, and reinforcing their kindred emotions with each other. We have traveled the world and realise that meanings are found in the daily exchanges with people around us. It is present between our minds and souls, regardless of where we are and where we came from. We are here to emulate and envision such exchanges through our photography.

We are passionate about wedding and couples photography and deeply believe in lives full of meaning. Our approach to wedding photography is candid, natural, intimate, and romantic. We want to photograph you giggling, smiling, dancing through the music, crying to your loved ones' speeches, kissing, and embracing your partner. We are comfortable being the quiet witness in your wedding, positioning ourselves to readily capture the varying emotions that were felt during the day. Say Hi if you want to know more about our little creative work!