You are here because you are in love.

At Antijitters, we take pride on saying that we care a lot about our clients’ aesthetic interest and their trust on the photographer to handle the wedding documentation very well. From ensuring that we’re not losing moments to how we position ourselves and appear steady and ready while letting family and friends to enjoy the beautiful ceremony.

On portraiture approach, we are giving our special sauce of laughter, inviting the groom and bride to share their intimate feelings to the other and have it captured, which we believe is the true sauce of why it can’t be done by your family photographer, or any non – wedding photographers.

The main reason why we are doing this is because we visit our couples’ most private, closest once-in-a-life-time experience, and we borrow their happiness on nostalgic connection. And we internalize their feelings to our hearts, hence, we are always on the edge of feeling, and feeling is the main sauce of why we do what we do. We are basically saucy people. Just like food, it has to be good.

You are right when you want to relive these moments again by browsing photos and flipping pages.

To capture your affection and interaction towards your loved ones such as friends, family and guests in the picture would be our helpful guides in doing what we do best.

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