Antijitters; [Un-tee-gee-ters]

Antijitters celebrates the milestones of couples, individuals, and families through photography services. We started in 2010 and have served over 250 clients across South East Asia. Our endeavours started with weddings first, followed by family and individual portraitures. Our clients mostly find our visuals speak to them and value professional services that are organised and dedicated. We are based in Singapore and venturing across other SEA countries, i.e., Indonesia and Thailand. We hope to know more about you if our creative virtues speak to you!


Our Purpose

We envision the life full of meanings

Our Focus

Encapsulating the stories of mankinds through photography, where all are in love, and as celebrants

Our History

The meaning behind our name is no stranger to photography society. Behind our name is the term 'camera jitters'; it means that the subject or person in front of the camera is anxious or uncomfortable with the presence of an intrusive camera crew following them.

It is why celebrities and politicians dislike the paparazzi. Their presence is regarded as intrusive and insensitive to their space and comfort.

We are here as a counteragent to prevent that from happening. Our experience and expertise help you, our clients, to feel comfortable, relaxed, and familiar with our candid photography direction. We are not here to intrude on your intimate events; quite the opposite; we help you as primarily first-timers with a more receptive approach. We are sustaining your lingering feeling of love and capturing those genuine moments.

We are prioritizing your comfort through our wedding photography and family portrait services.

We are based anywhere in the world but call Singapore home.

If you think our values and imageries speak to you, we cannot wait to get in touch with you.