Antijitters; [Un-tee-gee-ters]

 The meaning behind our name is no stranger to photography society. A little story behind our name is the term ‘camera jitters’; it means that subject or person in front of the camera is anxious or uncomfortable by the presence of intrusive camera crew following them. It is commonly experienced amongst celebrities vs paparazzis, or politicians vs journalists. Their presence is regarded as intrusive and insensitive of the subject’s space and comfort.

We are here as counteragent to stop that from happening. Our experience and expertise help you, our bride and groom to feel comfortable and familiar with our candid photography and direction. We are not here to intrude events and intimacy, quite the opposite, we aid clients who are mostly first-timers on having a wedding to be in front of the camera with our sensitive and considerate way. It is to better know you first and then take photos, than the other way around, would be our utmost importance.

If you think our values and visualization speaks to you, we cannot wait to get in touch with you.