Adarapura Resort Wedding || Pasca & Falino


Adarapura Resort Wedding || Pasca & Falino

I have been travelling to Bandung for weddings and in fact, that was how Antijitters Photo started. The weather has always been nice, and the anomaly is people getting married outdoor, again, that was how Antijitters Photo was started. Travelling and outdoor weddings are the base of my work and even though I’m based in JKT, I do travel for preweddings and weddings. To be honest, it has not been easy, bit of a challenge, but the team and I always manage to unfold the story of the couples in love.

Pasca & Falino got married in a beautiful place in Adarapura Resort Lembang. She didn’t mind too much about the hassles, she always thinks about the wellness of things in the long run, not in the short time. She didn’t care that it’ll rain, chance was big, but the celebration are for them, the families, the close friends. The weather might get chilly at night, but she smiled, danced, laughed hard, kissed her husband more than enough. She’d tell you the calmest of things. That is how I know Pasca.  Pasca, Falino, her family are the kind of people you’d like to deal with. A true unity. And to salute that, I’d like to present you their story, once upon a hill..
Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0002Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0003 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0004 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0005Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0006 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0007 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0008 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0009 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0010Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0011 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0012 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0013 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0014 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0015Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0016 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0017 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0018 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0019 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0020Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0020a Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0021 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0021a Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0021b Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0021cAdarapura_Resort_Wedding__0025 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0026 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0027 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0028 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0029Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0031 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0032 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0033 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0034 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0035Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0036 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0037 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0038 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0039 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0040Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0041 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0042 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0043 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0044 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0045Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0046 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0047 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0048 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0049 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0050Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0051 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0052 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0053 Adarapura_Resort_Wedding__0059

Photography by Meutia Ananda & Ken Ridwan

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