Brief Moment of Happiness

What does this mean to you?

For the longest time, happiness has been the ultimate destination for one to arrive. We have been granted this moment when we meet the one we like, when we receive our take home pay, when we buy those shoes, when we got accepted for the job we want, etc etc.

But is happiness routes only in the act of receiving the surficial notion?

For once, I disagree with this. Even though we gain happiness from those stuff, happiness to me is mostly found in the act of giving. For some people, it is not comfortable to be at the end of the roles. Receiving is also an act of giving, where you are open to be mindfully vulnerable, letting yourself be embraced, giving yourself to be loved, cared for, admired and thus you give yourself to the circumstances.
For people who take the most of their lives in control, receiving (thus giving yourself to the uncertainty, vulnerably) is not the main language. But it is a crafted, learned trait of love. In order to feel happy, we give and we receive. That is the balance dynamic. That is the ultimate destination, and it is about this reciprocity and relation, that makes ones in utter bliss.

Going from this notion, I’d like to highlight the story of Indonesian man who married Singaporean Woman. Through 40 back to back, Changi airport goodbyes, to once in a life time ‘I do’, Ferina and Hardy made it to this stage. Living their life, routing to their next destination, Dubai as their home together. No more separation, and I am very honored to take part in their unity. Flying has been in my schedule, but flying in purpose to do something I’m good at, for the unity of happiness and love, that is something I want to do for the majority of my life.




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