[ Dee + Yos ]

Do you know that we got high when we see the smiles of our couples?
Actually, not just our couples. But also the aunties and the uncles, mom and pops, cousins and friends.

If that is not enough reason as to why we love what we do, maybe the reason should be:
We are in charge of someone’s “once in a lifetime” and how cool that can be to have such a profession! Nothing will compare to the rush we feel every time we photograph and video-ed the special events.

Hence, the smallest events sometimes are the most intimate for sure. And through our cameras, we are close to the source of our couples’ happiness. Of course, big, elegant weddings are good. And that you get to enjoy your day with a lot of food and entertainment.

But the small event, such as this engagement truly shows the hidden emotion that your loved ones feel. That they are proud you arrived at this stage of life and that they express their support towards your decision. Look at them!

May you enjoy this story of Dee and Yos’ engagement. One out of their 5 wedding ceremonies actually! We are very honored to have witnessed 4 of it that are conducted in Jakarta and Bali. We will be rolling out stories along the way!

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