Fort Canning Hotel || Esther & Ashraf

Hi Lovers,

Meutia signing in, sharing the previous wedding coverage I did for Esther and Ashraf.

I remember capturing a lot of genuine happiness in the day and how it made my heart went mushy. I do have a soft spot for interfaith and multicultural weddings. To my belief, I think despite all heuristic differences, we can still arrive at the common intention, which is to love and be loved.

In that day, I could remember how Ashraf felt absolutely 'whole' as the love of his life willing to cross the bridge and how graceful and warm Esther and her family were to welcoming him. Where some people could question why fights against the 'current', they fought for their love and be stronger together. I think it is beautiful.

As a photographer who started shooting traditional and multicultural weddings, I am so looking forward to experience another one, diverse world, is something I look forward to living in.


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