GKY Singapore Wedding || Jyu & Awan

Hello, lovely couples!

Today we are sharing the story of Jyu and Awan back when COVID-19 deterred most of our plans. At that time couples frequently ask themselves, “What is the most important thing? To get married lavishly and stick through plans – or embrace flexibilities?”

Jyu and Awan are a creative duo who – despite having a virtual tea ceremony due to not having parents flying into Singapore – tried to enjoy each other’s presence along with those close to them in the island-state.

We were inspired by their enthusiasm for the special day and lots of radiant, loving gestures.

As a photographer, I think with and for my couples, such as, “Where else should we enjoy the shortened version of a special day in Singapore, and at that time of day?”. We came up from something practical to magical. There is only one thing we need in the day: genuine feeling for a life full of meaning.

Sincerely Yours,


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