Gran Mahakam Wedding || Tessa & Erik

Hello Folks,

It’s been too long we’re not catching up

I have been away for some personal reasons, but I am back now

I am sitting at a coworking space while I’m typing this

I have been in the dynamic of working like a nomad, which comes with its own challenging stuff, but sure it’s fun

You might ask why there is a long pause on Antijitters updates on blog posts

I could answer that straight, and on the rocks

We are preparing our new office, that is located on the heart of South Jakarta

and we are preparing our new logo, that actually could transcend the new face of the company

We will reveal, do not worry

As for now, I want to come clean to you

2017 Has been the most rewarding year for me

I met a lot of mind-provoking people

Also clients who actually connect more after the wedding day, and making good connection with us

One of them is Tessa & Erik

and we want to tell their story today

So please enjoy (:



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