Hyatt On Five Wedding || Fanie & Radit

It is truly beautiful to have someone to hold close to you, a person who will understand what you went through, a person who pushes you to the better and create a safe space for you to be vulnerable. You will never feel like you had to go over the mountain to ask for their time, that you would always do the same for whenever he needed.

I guess when you meet that person, do not let her / him go. Hold on and have fun through out the journey. There are always someone for you who you could laugh at the same time, and love your bake of cookies. Stay close to each other!

The story of this magic is shared by Fanie and Radit, they were married at Grand Hyatt On Five Jakarta and are lifetime partners now. Also they are always very affectionate towards each other. It was really beautiful to see. We hope you like it!

Warm Regards,

Antijitters Photo Team

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