We are happy to share in one loving morning – Vincent and Clare.

At this moment, we want to share that we are tremendously grateful for being chosen as the photographer for them. As Clare shared with us before, choosing the way we tell stories was a very conscious effort for her. She took the time to chat, emailed, even asking her mother to make a phone call with us since she was well-versed in Bahasa Indonesia. It is humbling to hear this kind of story, so thank you so much, Clare and Vincent.

As you know, we live in the most uncertain of times. As a team, we have been very accommodating and flexible to our couples to ensure they can still engage us as their wedding photographers. We have come up with sets of methods that they can use as a reference. It is our priority to help and work with them when things were not at all the same as in the past. And at this very moment, we would like to thank our couples for being very receptive to our recommendations.

I hope this particular story will give you a sneak peek of how weddings can still run while also complying with public and governmental requirements. As you can see everybody is always looking delighted and it will still be the most cherished moment of their lives.

We cannot wait to welcome your special days again, albeit in a different manner.