Jakarta Wedding || Kendis & Sikas


Jakarta Wedding || Kendis & Sikas

Let’s play self-reflection here.

Could you name one virtue of a person when you’ve only met once? In this moment of reflection, we pause and observe what quality does a certain person carry.

The moment I met Sikas was back in the University. She’s my best friend’s sister and was pursing architecture at that time. The first thing I perceived from her was that she was creative. It turned out that there are more virtues on her I find quite rare on other person. It’s the virtue of perseverance.

Sikas was one of the well-admired pupils. But all boys who crossed her paths don’t end up romantically well due to differences until she met this charming, kind-hearted, God-believer, music enthusiasts, humorous Kendis who were pursuing Law at that time.

Kendis had been observing Sikas when she was still with someone. He did step back and recalculate his tactics to find the momentum to win her heart. When time allows, Kendis had his chance on 2012 to be her boyfriend. I witnessed their early ‘together on’ and I can say they’re the cutest pair and they spark compatibility.

It’s funny that we can observe and at the same time learn something from someone. It’s that when you really want something so bad, universe will has its way to make it happen. It’s just a matter of perseverance and momentum. Cheers to your wonderful and successful new venture as Man and Wife, Sikas & Kendis. The best is yet to come!

Photo: Antijitters Photo ( Meutia & Ari ) | Film: Antijitters Photo | Dress: ItsDhita | Mua: Monica May Make up | Decor: Jonquilla Decor | Venue: Le’seine | Wo: Sien | Invites: Pola Artistry
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