Kempinski Hotel Wedding || Cindy & Ben

The first time we met Cindy was at their prewedding session with us in the Studio

You could never expect that such a graceful young lady has a very magnetic smile and a really warm nature

Ben was a really accomodating, big-hearted slash big hugger of Cindy and that he would still be working despite having a prewedding session, we are charmed by the way these two are naturally in love with each other

Ben proposed to Cindy in London, when Cindy didn’t expect it ever. And after that it was all come down to two celebrations, a registry in Singapore and a reception in Jakarta.

Cindy and Ben brought the whole gank to Jakarta, and they were there for mischievous missions to tease the couple and yet be a great party to standing by.

These were how the day went from our sight


Film by Antijitters Photo

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