Lovely Abode – Ashling & David

We have shared the story of Ashling and David on our Instagram. In case you haven't noticed, you can follow our journey and see their story here. However, today we would like to explain why having candid moments at home for a prewedding shoot is worthwhile. Imagine having a lot to plan and prepare for the wedding, including decorating the venue with your photographs, but time is running out.

Home photoshoots have been overlooked by many, but there are ways to style your home for a photo session. It doesn't require much effort. You don't need a florist or decorator to come over and beautify your home. While that can be great, as we mentioned earlier, time is running out. Allow us to share some ideas and the benefits of shooting at home:

  • You feel more relaxed. Outdoor portraiture sessions can sometimes be stressful for couples. The weather might be too hot or muddy, causing unnecessary worries. Choosing your home as the setting for your portraits removes those concerns and provides a lovely and comfortable atmosphere.
  • You can reduce costs. Our experience has shown that couples can get more creative at home compared to outdoor locations. If you were to travel to Italy for a portrait shoot, there would be various expenses to consider: airfare, travel fees, accommodations, admissions fees, makeup artist fees, and other unforeseen costs. We don't deny the beauty of outdoor locations, but we also appreciate the beauty of a simple photo session at home.
  • You want unique, love-filled, and intimate moments. Being at home allows you to naturally and candidly interact with each other. We will capture the in-between moments, the candid exchanges, the cozy and romantic atmosphere, all with the intention of showcasing your love. We won't just take pictures for the sake of it; we will create an experience for you.

These are the benefits we believe make shooting at your lovely abode worthwhile. If you feel that it's not enough, rest assured that we have other options available. From jungles to oceans, mountains to old towns, and sunsets, we are blessed with a variety of choices. However, home has always been where it all started and where the heart resides.


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