Monti At 1-Pavilion Wedding || Bua & Andy

While capturing small wedding events, we can see the intimacy and candor the couples share with each other and their guests. When they interact with guests, their conversations are quick on the surface as everybody is after the couple's attention. However, the words they transmitted were congratulatory and full of well-wishes.

For Bua, her special guests came from Thailand, and she conveyed how thankful she was that the guests could make the time to attend the wedding despite the odds. For Andy, it seems natural to be among mixed groups. From his family, colleagues, buddies, and all the folks and fellas that he had to start connecting with to make his life worth living.

We are often intrigued and pleased with such cultural diversity. Hence, when Bua and Andy contacted us, we took their wedding at Monti up our sleeves. Thank you, Bua and Andy, for trusting us!

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