Let us give you a simple anecdote.
You are pretty much a busy person. Day to day you are dealing with paperwork and barely have time to chat with your friends from your childhood. Barely even possible to attend to their invites to see each other after awhile.

And comes a time when you get married. You hired a wedding photographer to capture all the moments as it is unfolding and you download all the digital files after the wedding is over.

You then start to notice all the faces and expressions on this day; they were cheering you on, crying with you, championed you.

As an individual, you will be heavily influenced by your ambition, resolves, and purposes. But when you are alone with your thought, you are a person who needs to belong. And the culture and traditional roots you’ve been brought up by pull you back and remind you who you truly are. How truly matter you are to your friends and family.

We still remember how Eugene & Regina met each other and fought for their destined-vow in Singapore. From a soup first date to Starwars nights. They insisted to conduct the wedding intimately and in the best way possible, inviting all the people who matter to them and being watched by Regina’s mom in haven that she felt her foremost presence.

We are so lucky to be invited to capture all these moments.

A film by Antijitters Photo