Once and Forever || Chrisyella + Juan

As a team, we love to think that we are giving our all to our couples during the day. A long time ago, we started shooting weddings with stories in mind first, before we mindlessly click our shutters. Do you know that during these creative phases, seasoned photographers have rules in their mind that they deliberately follow or rule out? The point is, what makes it tick is that the photographers know how to follow the rules and create photos that are going to be accepted in readers’ minds but chose to experiment in her/his craft for the day.

There is a lot of tonality being considered in the day, and it influenced photographers whether to make some photos in colors or dual-tone like black and white. There are shadows and contrast to play with that bring another life to the set of images they made and the people inside it.

Our couples know their preference and even involved us in creating photos they would wish to keep. And we always kept this in mind. Sometimes, only on our platform we can be brave enough to be our true kinds. After all, we were engaged to evoke their hearts and minds.

Photography: Antijitters Photo

Make up Artist: Aurelia Make-up

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