Padma Hotel Wedding || Denny & Leah

If there is a question asked towards this wedding story, ” What this wedding mean to you? ” We will answer, ” It was about Denny & Leah, their joy, their union, their energy. Their perseverance to get together. The blessings they got from both families and friends. ”

Aside from that, it is about how well we are expected to take the lead of the day that might go beyond our control. How well we adapt through the day with the new people, the new love song, the new love sight. And we find the joy in doing this over and over again every weekend, let alone taken to other town than ours. We managed.

We always reach our core creativity to make the best story possible, and it is only for the sake of love. It’s not about the publicity it receives, the features, the likings, the tags or praises. It is about the delicate feelings we have towards love and love this is all about.

Photo & Film by Antijitters Photo | Make up by Ruth Thomas | Decor by Pinkan Griya | Venue at Padma Hotel Bandung | Groom’s Hair Cut by Pancho The Barber | Organized by pasoetri wedding

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