Semarang Wedding || Dea & Arie

We are truly emotional creatures, despite we like it or not.
Most times we are unaware that external condition can affect our state of mind and feeling that we could benefit from or resent its presence.
So what is truly this awareness related to photography?

We think photography is about a gift.
A gift to ourselves.
A gift to your time.
A gift to those you dear the most.

Can you imagine dealing with demands daily and we forget to look after ourselves? It is detrimental.
We believe that photography centres the messy notion, we believe that photography helps people to know themselves, to reconnect with themselves, to be with themselves. By doing it, or by enjoying it.

We have tried to see photography as commodity, and we failed.
We have tried to bring non-emotion to photography, and we failed.
We must know that not everything tangible things counts.
And not everything intangible, discounts.

We are embracing the gift that has been instilled in us.
We will transfer the love we have, and conserve it, for you reminisce about later, decades later.
We are here to bring this back to life.

Thank you for staying.
In order to make this legit, we are dropping the love story shared by two beautiful beings. Dea and Arie’s wedding was held in Semarang. They are too alive to the point of we felt we belong there, in their crowd. Thank you for trusting us, and flew us, and accommodated us in Semarang, Dea and Arie, it is our pleasure to witness you both unified the mutual feeling that stands the test of time.


Meutia Ananda

Videography by Antijitters Photo

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