Singapore – Mariana & Sander

The one thing we always ask our couples during our prewedding session is ‘How did you get here?’

This question to us can be for each of them, or a response that can lead to beautiful collage of how they end up choosing each other and decided to get married.

A question that by no means nosy about finding up details about our couples, no. We just always have this big pressing question in our head, is love easy for you to sustain? is love hard?

They could go with various answers to please us, as we will be shooting their wedding. But it’s always the mundane that awes us, it always come to how they treat each other right, and how they would put each other first, and how they are conscious to make this work. Because love is nothing easy, you can be with a company, but it would not be love. You can be apart, but it is love all along.

I am very happy, that what kept Mariana and Sander together is something that only mature lovers would do. Love is being affirmative on making a pact, that they can be together despite differences. They came from different location in the world and met each other in Singapore, the city that Mariana grew up in, and where Sander is posted for work. The city that they could get their favorite beers and burritos after work, the location that they can see their future together, with little Marianas and little Sanders. I’m just glad I asked the right question, eventhough there are no right or wrong answer.

Can’t wait to photograph their next miles stones!

Thank you for flying us to witness all of this love, we are so overwhelmed by your kindness!

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