Singapore Wedding || Jason & Tia


Singapore Wedding || Jason & Tia

Hello, I’d like to share you a story that moved me. It’s about this couple whom I adore and inspired by; Jason & Tia.

They started dating in 2004, two of them were in the same high school. It was when Tia shared me the story how she met Jason then I actually know that they are meant to be together. The love grew back when Jason was still dating other girl in high school, and his ‘then’ girlfriend mentioned to him that Tia is a really cool girl. He wasn’t buying it until a moment came to him, they call it the magical elevator moment.

Tia stepped in the elevator that Jason & girlfriend were in, and truth be told, he instantly had a big crush to her. Fast forward, he broke up with the girlfriend and asked Tia for a date to the Seaworld on April 2004, not long after they were together through high school, spending quite awhile in Melbourne for university and until they’re back in Jakarta to pursue their future and planning ahead.

Jason has the plan to marry her from a long time, he loved her so much that it was shown whenever I saw him staring at her. Jason is the protector, the lover, the caregiver. Tia is the biggest paramour of him, she remains cordial, attentive and loyal to him, and sometimes his biggest critique. They casually take trips together to various exotic places just to get the hang of each other.

One day of solemnization wasn’t the top of it all, I’m sure they’ll keep making history. And it was an honour for me to capture their peak of the unity. The crew and I couldn’t be grateful enough, to present and witness these two getting hitched!

Congratulations Jason & Tia!

Photo & Film: Antijitters Photo | Dress: Aurelia Santoso | Groom Attire: Laxmi | Invitation: Jatidiri Ono | Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Nike | Venue: Alkaff Mansion Ristorante Singapore | Mua: Wiwit Anggun | Decor: Windflower Florist | Headpiece: Litany | Nail Arts: Instant Parlour & Iputa Nails | MC : Sean of Coq & Balls | DJ: Radit

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