The day before..


Riski and Gumi had initially planned the wedding two years ago, we were very much among the first vendors booked for their wedding, and we had never met Riski until the technical meeting a month before the wedding event. She turns out to be the most pleasant, warmest, assertive woman that I ever deal with. I met Gumi the same day, and he is a patient, loving and nurturing gentleman. I can see so much how these two are made for each other. Thank you for choosing us to be your photographer Riski and Gumi, we are overjoyed to be a part of your family affairs (:



Photography: Antijitters Photo ( Meutia ) | Film : Antijitters Photo | Venue : Thamrin Nine | Dress : Andhita Siswandi | Make up and Ceremony : Mamie Hardo | Decoration : Gaia Nata Slaras | Organizer : Pranatacara | Make up by : Reza Azru