The Bandstand || Annie + Peter

Just want to give a shout to these two. I believe Annie and Peter don’t realise that they just hosted a creative solemnisation.

A true representation of tying the knot in an environment that’s truly accessible.

Annie and Peter hosted a 10 pax ceremony (including Bayley – The Good Boy) at the Bandstand – Botanic Gardens Singapore.

It was really the kind of ceremony we hold dearly.
They arrived at Tanglin Gate with a bouquet and were in a rush.
I said – “Slow down, guys……” (As they’re going to need the energy)
“Drink first.”

We took our time to roam around the garden; after all, they chose the best place in the city to do the ceremony.

Peter helped Annie climb up for the fastest route to Bandstand.

I just think to myself, “I rarely see this practicality, and I like this a lot”

Dopamine by Franc Moody played on repeat on my head.
My couples don’t know at all that I’m so used to the physical rush of moving from one point to another (My gym regime works).

I was actually eager to visualise this solemnisation like those in the movies. (I am just a sucker for Sex and the City movie and New York settings, please don’t judge).

So happy to see everyone cheering on them, so warm and so beautiful.

So happy for Annie and Peter, and the solemniser was very kind (A fan).

At this point, we just had to take more photos, because I assure you, we almost had the garden to ourselves (except that there were many people – we lost counts).

The art is simple. When it’s a big area, I have to “isolate” my subjects well.

That will be almost impossible indoor.


So once again, thanking the couple for being authentic throughout the wedding preparation until the D-Day. It was gorgeous, and I hope many couples follow suit! Congratulations you two!

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