Legacy that stays with you

What would the world be without the rebels?

Everything will be in plain conformity, and it denies the beauty of standing out from the crowd

As this set of story will start rolling before your eyes, I would like to introduce the bride and Groom, Celine and Michael

You will observe set of vibrant pictures in which vibrant emotion contrasted the story

As I covered this story exactly one year ago, I observed how present the intensity of emotion between Michael and Celine. Please watch the video documented by our team for the glimpse of it.

Michael said that after all the obstacles they went through, the moment of marrying her is what matters. When I took these photos, tears rolled down my eyes.

I cried and it reminded me of what it actually felt being in love and loved for every reason, every fibres in you.

He promised to create and keep the legacy of his love towards her, and that touched me.

Beside being an entrepreneur that takes out big projects himself, Michael knows the legacy that he would only need to cultivate and important, is this truth, that the time tested through and through.

Which is love, and love itself.

So happy to witness you both last year, Celine + Michael! And I observe there are three of you now, with the little bundle of joy, congratulations and Happy Anniversary!