Botanic Gardens – Jyu & Awan

There is no perfect prewedding date, there will be many other alternative dates that you both as partners can choose, and when the date comes, it may heavily rain, or it may be as bright and as hot as you could possibly imagine.

Yet, it all comes down to how you want to spend these romantic, serendipitous moments full of connection with your partner. It comes down to how willing you are to let your love and partnership trump all the unfavorable moments that may affect your mood.

Explore our next story of Awan and Jyu, who bravely trumped the rainy prewedding day and yet still be able to enjoy the best versions of themselves. We are thankful when the emotions are authentic, and we can understand how they are accepting and able to persevere through any obstacles despite heavy rain conditions.

We value and cherish this moment, taken in the beloved botanic gardens with the two of them.



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