Él Royale Bandung Wedding || Tashya & Ivan

Dear Lovers,

Before I uploaded these photo series, I thought and reflected about what year 2017 has given me in terms of emotional, mental, physical, and material shifts. I gained a lot, and lost a lot this year, and what I mean by this is emotional and mental alteration that occurred.

It is now natural for me to express what I feel without have to feel reluctant as long as it entails genuineness. I need to give you an example about what occurrence changes me internally

A friend of mine who owns a coffee shop gave me his merchandise pillow because I’ve been visiting his store a lot, I never expected to be tossed this pillow. But he said that I am a regular customer and that he likes to make people happy. I was instantly stoned by his word. His genuineness touched my softest spot in my heart. Then I knew he has a good heart

Days gone by, and I am now writing this post with that pillow who gives me extra comfort thus I am able to present you this story today. Talking about kindness travels far beyond the space and time

On the physical part, I have been training a lot this year, I met a mentor that totally changes my outlook in building better physics thus I’d feel more confident and think clearer, she taught me what should I consume, and what work out suits and adapts to my schedules and preference. Without her, I may not think as sharp as now, and I would want my readers to know that it is important to live an active life with any type of sports or exercise.

And then, this year, I met a friend, she had been clearly my major inspiration on building better mentality in making decision through funny encounters. She opened the doors of logical thought that I would never even touched before and that despite the funny experiences, I am thankful that she lifted me up, mentally.

In terms of emotional shift, I live in the area that better fits my emotion, I am now less affected when people behave not according to my preference and I accept the fact that people are emotional creatures too, thus, my part is to respond calmly, and not emotionally. After my move-out from my parents’ home, I feel emotionally better, and I visit a lot yoga classes, and I encourage you to take near by classes too. My Yoga Teachers helped me on being in tune and challenge how far I could physically challenge to stretch myself, and I have never been better.

Now you might questions, why is this post not very ‘photographer’-like

What I need you to know is, I am a photographer, and I feel deeper than maybe a business strategist, an international marketer, a lawyer. I don’t say that people who are not doing photography cannot feel as deeper, but I am placing myself as a person who reasons every step of decision making yet at the same time entangled to particular feelings that speak to me the most. Feel is what I bring to my pictures, feel is what I am telling you, feel is what you are to me, a client, a past client, a future client, or simply my friend.

In this post, I encourage you to meet the barrier of why do you care about wedding photography, is it because you can afford or is it because it makes you feel something?

Thank you for reading

Enjoy this Bandung story of Tashya & Ivan as they vowed into unity after years of being together and staying loyal to each other. They are really kind beings. I hope you like it.


Meutia Ananda


Same Day Edit Film by Antijitters Photo

Photo and Film by Antijitters Photo | Organized by Filantropi Wedding | Make up By @jasminelishava @desiskandarwedding | Decor by
@theatmadjas | Seserahan by @kembanggoyangindonesia | MC by @donni_mc | Venue by Él Royale Hotel Bandung

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