Intercontinental Midplaza Wedding || Nessa & Adryan


Just last month we covered this Intercontinental Midplaza Wedding that still holds many of its darling memories to us. And as spoken in our instagram before, we’d enlighten you why e-mailing is the best way to catch up with us either it’s for booking or furthering information.

We know that technology of communication allows us to intertwine in any time possible. Some options of communication truly enhance the way of making business work, some jams the back end of our processing. As for us, we are truly happy to receive an email from a bride to-be or groom to-be that shares their wedding details story, such as date and venue and how they know our work. This communication is so professional and so progressive than just sending out requested clients kit to random emails that is posted in instagram comment that would not be known ends where, rather stuffing up our storage system. And of course we want to spend time with the people that would spend minutes to email us directly and share us their story. This way, the process from learning about our style and take in wedding photography to dealing to shooting and to post processing will be grouped in emails and is traceable. Love that!




Photography: Meutia Ananda & Fachda Astapradja

Film: Rama Florenza & Azhar Alif

Assistant: Derryansyah

Mua: Fitri Liza ( Sunda ) , Anpasuha ( Minang )

Venue: Intercontinental Midplaza Hotel Jakarta


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