Crowne Plaza Wedding || Regina & Irwan


Crowne Plaza Wedding || Regina & Irwan

This is the story about Regina and Irwan who reside in Surabaya and decided to hold wedding in Jakarta.

Regina is a true Javanese woman. Yet, instead of following the instructed traditional event for a whole day, she insisted that her wedding should be the celebration of happiness and togetherness with the family and friends.

With her being the queen of the night, Regina refused to overthink about things beyond her control. Though, she has prepared and was physically and emotionally involved on the preparation, she also wanted to enjoy when it’s happening. Instead of standing on the stage for hours shaking hands with the guests, she decided to go to the band stage and dance. Irwan and the mic was inseparable, he decided to ask his bride to join and shake off the ballroom. Magnificent.

It was a good night for us wedding photographers when bride and groom actually be present on their wedding day.

We wish their union filled with love and joy.

Photo: Antijitters Photo ( Meutia & Fransiska ) | Film: Antijitters Photo | Dress Akad: Biyan | Make up Artist : Irwan Riady | Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel Jakarta

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