Fairmont Jakarta Wedding || Zahra + Adis

Day 1 : Siraman

How far will you go for your pursuits in life given unlimited time?

Will the same sense of urgency factored in the effort you are willing to put in?

Today’s story is about this charming gentleman, Adis who were in pursuits of Doctors of Medicine

One day during his busy time, Adis showed up for our prewedding session, he looked really tired and worked up

Turned out he was still on the call at the hospital while he needed to make time for a photoshoot

I always talk to Zahra, and this lady graduated from Medics herself, I was aware I worked and served doctors who are well-known for their dedication to the work and study, sometimes they would make everything stalled in order to catch up with their own exclusive relaxing time.

My observation to them was that Adis would take 5 minutes sleep in the bench, waiting for his lady to change dress. He needed to rest, but you know what happened instead?

He put things in control that time, he struggled in his capacity to stay in the moment with Zahra. In fact, he entertained me so much what he loved about her. I asked why Zahra?

He went stalled, he said she is the only one I would do everything for. She is kind, she is generous, and she is polite. All that I ever want for a woman.

In this sense, I was really amused with them. Zahra said yes to him because he is smart, he is patient, he is present towards their almost a decade relationship.

That prewedding moment led to this story below that you are going to see. Scroll over and hope you are inspired, that whatever pursuits you have in life, there will always be someone willing to wait for you, and support you no matter how long it would take.

I’m just so glad to be a part of their wedding day, exactly one year ago.

From this post, I would love to congratulate Zahra and Adis happy anniversary!





Day 2: Akad Nikah

Day 3: Reception

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