Japan Session – Prananda Family


Japan Session – Prananda Family

Hello, we are so happy to present you the story that we covered on the land of the rising sun during the Japan Trip.

Prananda Family made 10 degrees Celcius Japan even a warmer place. We were having a lot of fun and they made such a wonderful bond. Panda as he wanted to be called met Rara in Bandung during their university time. Today, they’re hustling daily routines with their cute four months old son, Altair. The story behind Altair’s name rooted from Panda’s father who are an astronomist (seriously, how awesome it is to have an astronomist father? haha). He named his grandson, Altair Hirobumi that means the brightest star within the sky and earth.

Together, we explored Kanazawa prefecture during Autumn Foliage. While Tokyo is being busy, and Kyoto being a little too touristy, Kanazawa hold a special place in our hearts. It’ll always be the city we look forward visiting again.

Thank you for your warmest hospitality Rara & Panda, please hug & kiss your Altair from us (:

Photographer: Meutia Ananda | Producer: Rossa Prila

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